Pushed that Button…

Putz hanging out near the wood stove in the addition, while Ed was putting up the “fireproof board” behind it. (Carol)

The saying hear growing up was, ‘three days cold, three days more’ so if this cold snap comes and goes as they predict, I’ll have to reset that button tomorrow…

Yeah, today I pushed the ‘don’t give a shit’ button, also known as ‘having the &^#% its.So after doing chores, giving every one a little extra, then all waterers were checked, making sure nothing was frozen, wood boxes were filled…off to work INSIDE by the fire on the porch I went…

Most days while working outside in ugly weather, time drags, while today in those nice warm working conditions, time flew by; bringing night chores back around in a flash! Should have known time flies when you’re having fun…

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