Call it What you’d like…

understandingThose of us who get to do what we choose even later in life, have no idea how lucky we are to be healthy. Many times thru life we fall prey to that ‘poor, poor pitiful me’ syndrome. If luck is on our side, we’ll be privileged to know or witness someone who has been thrown a real curve ball in life that brings us to our senses…

Youngster Luke Hoag from nearby Hoosick Falls is one of those people! Brain tumor be damned, this young man lives his life with the zest and desire to help others and we should all try to emulate this. I got the privilege to shake Luke’s hand the other night at a basketball game, while relating to him how proud I was of him for his Letters to Santa drive…he raised over $85,000 for Make a Wish.

With an infectious smile and great manners to boot, Luke and his family get a thumbs up, five star ‘that a boy’ from me during this holiday season…I’s like to thank Luke, his family and anyone in a similar circumstance for showing me how truly lucky we are if we’re healthy.

Also, to you and yours…may this be the happiest Holiday season ever!   Go Lukey!!!


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