Old Farmer Letter to Santa…


Santa Mongo takes requests…


Been quite a while since I last sent you a letter, Santa…Hopefully you’ll find my name still on that nice list and with these milk prices headed into their third year of being comparable to the last time you got a letter from me in the early 1960’s…

Thought if the sleigh has some room and you’re still coming to this neighborhood, how about another John Deere 4020, maybe with a canopy like my old girl has; 50% tread on the tires is fine, she’ll only share light work with mine, got big horses for the other stuff… Those 4020’s are just special!

If you could fine a good used hayrake, need not be new, I’m still using an International 35; they go back a few years!!!

Something new would be a rock bucket for my New Holland skid steer. See, here on Bejosh, land rocks flourish in this gravel ground! I have always said with falling prices we’ll find a way, but one wrong fall getting in and out of skiddie would be the end of Bejosh.

I have more tools than anyone should, but maybe some hammer handles and/or ax handles; see, I have lots of old hammers and axes but not the time to make handles, even though I can and have!

My old Forney stick welder is getting pretty rough, but I think just new cables and she’ll be good for another 10 years!!

Oh yeah, the really big new thing would be one of those ATV’s; not a big one, say bare bones model with that little dump box on the back, manual even! Needs no more than a roll bar, no winch needed or lights; I am not one of those ‘lazy man works best when the sun’s setting in the west’ fellas! Simple is fine, just like my life philosophy:Good dog, Good woman, Fat pork, sundown and a darned good place to lay down! Just possibly in camo…

Seems my list just keeps growing, so how ’bout this idea; just make me rich and famous, ok just rich; then I promise to keep farmin’ till I am broke… By doing that the machinery dealers, grain company, hardware store, lumber yard, electrician, plumber, builders, equipment contractors, rental places, concrete company, electric company, semen dealers, seed dealers, fertilizer and spray company, tax man…and the list goes on and on…will all be enjoying Christmas year-round like a gigantic pay it forward!

Wow, Santa. I think I’m getting the bottle and a couple of shot glasses…meet you by the tree!


  1. Love everything about your blog…you and Carol are real, not phony blowhards, like some…can relate to your stories, although all that is past for me…



  2. Santa Mongo is the handsomest Santa I ever saw. Your letter made me smile – love your style. With this crazy world it’s refreshing every evening to read a positive look at life – even when it’s not an easy life. Thank you both for making me smile.



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