U-Turn Ahead…





With the 20th being the last calendar day of autumn, it’s all down hill from here. What, you say>>>Yes, the real doldrums of winter are on their last legs!!

Starting later this week old Mr. Sun will be starting his trek North again, one or two minutes per day! So for, let’s say, two maybe three weeks ya might not notice…

Then there is that January 17 thing, on how that date is is usually the coldest day of the year! But…come February, IF it’s a bright, sunny day, you can feel it thru the window in the house, ’cause of that damned woodchuck!…Did I ever tell yoy they taste good stir-fried on the grill!? Clean animal, a vegetarian…like havin’ a meat salad!

Any hoooo, the average daily temperature by the end of March is 50 degrees… Hell, look on the bright side, that’s only 90 days away, football will be over, we’ll be almost thru March Madness and PLAY BALL will be just around the corner!

When I started this, I thought it would make me feel better, instead I’m freezin’ and hate winter even more…Great story teller I am…

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