My Christmas Eve wish…



Baby Gracie is a cutie…

We all know them…the widow up the road…that older gentleman who lost his wife to cancer years ago… in your apartment building, just two doors down…one of your grandparents or even a parent a few states away or even worse, just across town.

People in these situations should not be alone tomorrow. Some fruit possibly, a plate from Christmas dinner or just a few minutes of conversation.

They’ll thank you and your heart will thank you…


  1. May the Love, Joy & Peace of this Holy Season be with you now & all through the new year!!! Thanks for sharing your life & such good words & photos!! Mary Ann Cauthen (down in GA)



  2. An my heart thanks yours. I’m having all my friends over tomorrow that have no family. My family is all in Southern Cali and I will be flying out in the spring to greet a new baby. It struck me that if I have no one close to celebrate with, other may not either. I’m just having a Costco dinner and we will play board games. Ages 22-84. I am actually looking very much forward to the day. Happy Holidays!!!



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