It’s official…

Mr Cogburn and Emmie in deep discussion…(Carol)


15697941_3cogburn-and-emmy77233029296625_8208357052643580152_nIn a rousing, robust after dinner conversation on Christmas  with some of my kids, their significant others and grandchildren, we made the decision!!!…Yes, as soon as possible, N.Y.City will become similar to that of Washington D.C., an entity not in any way connected to upstate N.Y.

Now we didn’t get out our maps and draw boundaries or, for that matter, make final decisions on names for the soon to be new state…After all, we do want to be democratic about this!!!

Truth is people pay more for day care in the city than we in upstate live on!!! We are talking about 2 different worlds…How many times has the study/commercial blasted over the airways when they ask someone on the street in NYC where milk comes from and they say the back of the grocery store. People we’re a top five dairy state in the nation…turn that coin over, most people upstate know about Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, The Rockettes, dropping the damned ball on New Year’s eve, the Knicks and the Garden, while both the Jets and Giants play in Jersey!

With the city and it’s numbers having all the political clout, high taxes and over regulation, it continues to make us the red-headed step child!! So…for all the forgotten upstaters, we’re splittin’ baby.

Oh yes, I almost forgot and only mentioned milk products in what goes on here in upstate! This partial list is from my folder and hasn’t been updated in about 3 years, which is about as fresh as agricultural stats get without being an estimate!

Stats show NY is the leading fruit and veggie producer in eastern part of the country! Big veggies would be cabbage, cukes, green peas, onions, snap beans, squash and select corn. Top fruits are apples, #2 in the country, followed by grapes, also cherries and peaches. In greenhouses, flowers are king!

Other notables in Ag would be maple syrup, oats, potatoes, soybeans and wheat. In terms of money, the top five Ag products in NY are #1 Dairy products…#2 greenhouse and nursery products…#3 apples…#4 cattle and calves…#5 Hay!

That is just a small sample of what goes on in the Wall Street of upstate!

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