My Farmer and Me–Beanie keeps warm…

Beanie has once again chosen the front of the shop for her winter refuge. She comes out as soon as she hears me coming with Sallie’s drink and grain, prompting me to feed her first or she will scarf down the calf grain…

Last week the three bull(now steers) calves were introduced to their new home, also. I have found that the boys (bulls/steers) are much messier than heifers (girls) so as soon as they are old enough, out they go to bigger pens. So now the calf barn holds only heifers and 1 bull calf (Barnaby) who will probably be in there for the winter, unless he grows especially well.

Phil, Miss Kay and Willy (Peacocks) are also residents in the barn for a couple of months. Phil is growing more of his beautiful long tail feathers. Son Willy is also beginning to grow some, but probably won’t be as lovely as Dad’s this year.

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