My Farmer and Me–Mongo enjoys his new digs…

Last week our son Jeremy came and helped us move some of our animals around for the winter. He used his trailer and was a great help with the job, as I tend to be a bit slower and not as apt to take a risk with my body as I used to be. He and Ed did most of the work but I did a good job with gates and doors! (And giving instructions!! HAHA!)

The heifers and Brown Swiss bull were brought over from the pasture across the road, as the heifers will freshen in a couple of months and the bull will breed a couple of our older cows that we have had breeding problems with through artificial insemination. Then some were loaded and brought across the road from behind our barn to spend the winter; not small but not too big…

There is an older cow in with these heifers because she has decided to retire from the mother routine, I guess. Not sure what will happen with her.

After the moving was finished, Ed moved Mongo, Tor, Peeps and Red into a new area also, so they would have more room to run and also get in, out of the weather. They were outgrowing their last condo…

There is ice every where and we have been spreading gravel on it so some of the animals can still go outside to eat; they can also eat inside if they wish. Hoping we will have a more mild winter (temperature) and a touch of snow now and then would be okay…just not looking forward to 10 degree days and -20 nights.

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