My Farmer and Me–2016!

Because I am not an editor, journalist or whatever it takes to do this sort of thing well, please bear with me as I try to put these photos in some sort of order for you.

These are all photos taken this past year and used on our blog. It was terribly hard to pick just a few so I went about it randomly. All the others, as well as the Blog are still posted.

1st row: Ka-choo on the porch by woodstove as he was born with a low body temperature, being cared for by Putz…Peeps, born on Good Friday…Geese that were born on our pond…Our first graduating grand child, Kaylah, and Grampy!

2nd row:Sadly, these are 3 of the awesome friends we lost in 2016: Maddie, our crippled 9 yr old chicken…below Maddie is Ms Uggie (the babysitter) and to the right is Rudy, my self-hatched wild turkey baby and his buddy, Lion! There is Blog posts on all three.

3rd row: Fair display…Our son Chad watching his daughter show… Ed slacking with John Greenwood…Our first time bagging our harvested corn with son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Allison.

4th row: Grampy’s birthday dinner…Santa Mongo…Santa Gracie.

Last row: Second time I caught Ed slacking that day, this time with Maria and Jon (all grown -ups and you would think they would know better!!)…Last but not least, Mr and Mrs…..

We had a year of ups and downs as every one does…great crop year for us but lost some good animal friends to sickness, old age etc… Did not put a photo up of Mama Says, but have a video of loading her on the trailer one last time up on the Blog back in the spring.

A lot of fun times to even out the year’s events…new animals born here…wild geese hatchlings…Ed showed more of his art at Jon and Maria’s Open house…our animals and grand kids did well at the Washington County Fair, a working vacation of sorts…bagged some of our corn and haylage for the first time–Jeremy and his family was a great help in persuading us to try it and it looks like we will do it all this way next year!!! Thanks guys! And last but not least, I started taking a writing class. I have made some new friends and am really enjoying it! Thanks Jon…

I would like to thank everyone who has made our Blog a success…when we started, I figured it would be a short lived adventure…but how wrong I was! Ed has found an outlet that I never thought would have appealed to him and has run with it!!! The comments we receive (although I do not post my own as much as his) are so nice and some have been very informational. We are actually making friends all over the world…not just this country. Truly amazing to us!!!

So, in closing, thank you for brightening our lives and supporting our writing. Hopefully 2017 will bring more photos, videos and posts about our farm life and our family.

Happy New Year, to all.

Chad, Maggie, Jeremy and Jess: as always you and your families hold a great deal of our pleasure, respect and admiration. Without you all, none of this would be realized! Love to you all and here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

Kaylah, Jordan, Logan, Tucker, Cooper, Jayda, Jaiboy, Skylar, Olivia and Jeb…Grampy and Grammy are so proud of all of you and send love , hugs and kisses to each and every one of you. Happy 2017!!!


  1. Reading your blog is the bright spot of my day. A very Happy New Year to you and yours. Here’s to many more interesting stories coming from both of you, Ed and Carol.



  2. Happy New Year Ed and Carol your family and all the critters. Thanks for teaching me so much and for the pure entertainment, I enjoy your blog so much. All the best to everyone in 2017.



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