Liked the Results…

Sadie finds a good spot with the peacocks…15781729_3sadie-relaxes79630439056884_7115229394447037034_nThe results from our baby watch back a week or so ago, will most likely have ‘volume 2’ coming soon! Tiny, one of our Holstein cows has a due date of Jan 10th! With Gerta having baby Gracie with such good results, my gut tells me play it again Sam…The pen Gerta had could have been a tad bigger.

On the positive side, both cow and calf have done very well, in part due to the ability of controlling the climate! So with weather conditions going up and down sometimes to extremes, putting Tiny in the same set-up seems my best option.

I’ll keep close watch over the next few days and move her in hopefully with a day or two to spare! Looking forward, this may become a revolving door with three more cows due in January.  Also the group of heifers that were running with Willie, our registered Brown Swiss bull, should start calving as soon as late January, considering when they first started running with him!

So if the weather thru the rest of the winter continues it’s up and down cycle, and the results are good, this may be my freshening system of choice going forward! I like the idea that if its necessary to help one animal, the working conditions may be a bit more cramped than our freshening pen in the shed at the end of the calf barn, but the weather won’t be a factor…

Let the countdown to ‘baby watch #2 and beyond’ commence…

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