Parting thoughts to the Season…

Grissom enjoying the snow…15781442_grissom-in-the-snow379630422390219_3903696772300414417_nWhatever happened to doing next year’s Christmas shopping now, when they mark everything down? Always heard everyone talking about this idea back when I was a kid! Thought it was a great idea, hopefully the people you bought for moved, then you could use their gifts for people you forgot!!!

Also, what is wrong with re-gifting? What the hell, if you ain’t gonna use it; already store enough!!!…What’s with this giving chocolate or bagged meats that will last on the shelf for a decade? Remember half the country is diabetic, the other half is over weight or both! Not on the menu folks!

For those who do it right with fruit it is a good try…problem is this time of year it is from some other part of the world, therefore it is too ripe or more likely, still green, so put it out in the garage, up on a shelf to stay cool for a couple of days…finding it come spring with stench and the flies chase you out of said garage!!!

As for the decorations, yes they looked good…Notice I said looked…if kids are back in school, down they should come!!! That would be next Tuesday, just saying…

I need nothing more than these short days reminding me there is two more months before shedding some of these damned coats, sweatshirts and pants…I want my shorts back!

Now lastly, if you don’t own an umbrella, get one; then the morning of February 2nd, go stand next to a woodchuck hole! Don’t let that little sucker see his shadow!!!! We all know what is in the air come spring!…I hope those videos don’t make me look 15 lbs heavier…

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