Sadie Found her Man…

15895344_3sadie-is-innocent-80957858924142_4562367733162079013_n(I swear she knows exactly how to push my buttons. I tried to get her photo while she was with her new’man’ and she ran to the barn. Snot!! Carol…)

Over the last couple of months Sadie has been hampered with Foot Rot and/or some other kind of sore, in one front foot then both… Now, after three rounds of antibiotics we are getting our old Sadie back!!

Her day starts up on the cow platform during milking, enjoying peanut butter and crackers. Before milking is done she makes her way up by the wood stove for a quick nap. Calf feeding time she must have grain with the calves! Then it’s out to spend the day with the cows, sometimes showing  up at the house to see what we are doing…

Well, today, she must have had the itch and went on that ‘ Sadie needs a man” website, cause she found our Brown Swiss bull, Willie; last time I saw him he was running for his life out across the barnyard with Sadie in hot pursuit!!! With this warmer weather these last days, all four of the cows I wanted him to breed have been in heat so this Sadie business is more than likely not what he wished for!!!She looked like that cartoon skunk hopping after Willie with her tail twitchin’!!

Other happenings around the farm include  Gracie, the last Brown Swiss heifer calf (last week) may be going to a new home; a young man who has been waiting patiently, is coming down to see her this weekend. With 5 Brown Swiss cows and heifers due in about 40 days, it is time…Gracie’s doing well, started strong, and the young man is trying to get the family farm going again. We need more young farmers…perfect match! (This puts Dee up next).

BabyWatch 2 with Tiny may start before or at least by the weekend! Keep you posted or even better, videoed!

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