Winter’s Nuances…

15940584_3tinys-boy82567608763167_4151845075294301155_nLatest addition: Tiny’s baby boy…Drinking from a pail already! Good boy!!!

With every season comes an array of projects as well as new sightings along the way. In the project department chainsaw or woodsplitter repair rear their ugly head most often during inclement weather.

There is that drafty barn door to fix, a compressor needs routine maintenance long over due, maybe just some TLC.

Those inside jobs you put off during other seasons when working without gloves is the norm! Of course there are those projects you want to do just to help out a friend or to simply change things up!

I am in the process of one of those projects now, to help Maria and Jon build a foot bridge over a wet spot, so they can walk in a wooded area. I have found a pair of old, wide planks; all that is left to do is chainsaw a big block out for a riser!

Projects like this give me a way to break up the never ending winter chore routine, while I can also give Jon the low down on those planks; they are from the late 1800’s, most likely cut by a sawmill run by steam and I’m almost sure it is Chestnut lumber. That makes it priceless, but I will sacrifice them for his foot bridge!!! Which will get me the reply, “What the hell you talking about…just build the damned bridge!”…So much for that mild mannered, nice guy you all thought you knew!!!

In other news:  Sighted a long haired gray cat in the barn last few days! Seems to keep it’s distance, just watching, never runs away, looks healthy and may have all the mice it wants for free, even!

Also see lots of rabbit tracks in the fresh snow out behind the shop, even going inside through a hole made by a broken board!  They are more than welcome to use the shop, just return tools after use and if ya break it, I get a new one…


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