15940821_3hoobillie-enjoys-the-sun-83101195376475_6865787172584227666_nHoobillie enjoyed the sun today just outside of the heifer shed. She is one of the heifers that will calve this spring…

Winter’s picture postcard scenery that never ending beauty which burns my ass like a three foot flame.

In those times when you marvel at the sight of the stearm rising from the cows you just fed in the bright sunshine on this early cold January dday; when, as you look up to maybe get a wider picture with your phone. Of course that is if you had one and knew how to use it, flop! Onto your ass you go! Why the eaves are dripping, making a skating rink just off the feed alley. What the…it’s lucky to be 12 degrees!

Now my pants are soaked. Another good one… while feeding heifers over by the brook…the wind was blowing…the metal gate was frozen shut…your hands are throbbing cold from getting it open.

Over there you notice the ducks waddling their way back to the brook where one after the other, in they go, diving under water…wings a flappin…you swear ice cubes are forming in the air from the splashing. Talk to people who do those polar plunges, I don’t…their crazy and these feathered igits are skinny dipping right in front of me, when I am this cold and they don’t even have fur!!!

Then when finally wrapping up for the night, heading to the house, trip over what I thought was a pile of snow…Turned out to be Grissom, our big Aussie, napping out in the snow squall…he was buried! Slowly rising to his feet he led me to the house, bedding down now right next to the wood stove that I just filled up. This way he could melt off that snow cover, then lie panting in his pool, while I stood shaking by the roaring fire, hoping to once afain have feeling in my hands!

Looks like we made it back to that three foot flame and my burning ass again!…Hey Carol, what you cookin? I smell something good…



  1. I swear I’m cold just reading this post. I live in southern Pa so I am sure it is even colder there than here. I haven’t been outside since last Thursday. I don’t know how you and Grissom do it. My Aussie hates to have cold toes so he stays inside with me. (except for potty breaks)



  2. First I just have to say that Hoobilie is a large and beautiful heifer but then she’s a Swiss. Second I just have to say how much I appreciate your humor – which if you don’t have during winter months on a farm you’d certainly hibernate or at least want to. I hear your humor but I also appreciate how darned difficult it is. Stay safe and thank you for your hard work – the pay isn’t adequate but the life has meaning.



  3. I really enjoed our post today. Honestly, I don’t know how you and Carol do everything you do especially durning the winter and at the same time giving your animals such a nice home. Love your since of humor no matter what.



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