15965123_3sstewarts-sign83909068629021_3451246648904418296_nRoutine inspection today by Stewart’s…everything went fine, just pointed out one minor clean-up they noticed. They will be back in May, I think…it is either 3 or 4 times a year…Then there is Federal, State, Market Administrator, milk samples; all which come with the territory.

Making rounds with Brett, our inspector, was Adam, a member in Stewart’s management staff, coming to touch base with the farmers. Gives the farmers and Stewart’s a little one on one time.

My concern/gripe is Not a direct Stewart’s problem, but rather National…the idea we are using 1% milk in school systems and the Fuel Up 60 program , it also comes with Happy Meals.Why? Adam’s agreement that taste in 1% milk is, let’s call it BAD! You want to make kids milk drinkers as adults use WHOLE milk.

What milk people drink is not why someone is fat, excuse me, OBESE! Doctors now say whole milk, like sugar, real butter…get it…real is a good thing! His agreement off the record of course, that powers that be in gov’t hierarchy need a good ass whoopin’, which I would gladly do of course, was nice.

Also liked how, while wondering out loud about milk production still up…the idea…he mentioned, not me, I just agreed…when farmers go for loans, increasing cow numbers is always a ‘to do’! Not blowing my own horn…hell yes I am…but been  writing about all this stuff for some time now.

In finishing up our conversation on how world production was slowing, as the U.S. continued to grow and looked as if exports will help out milk prices some. So in typical Eddie fashion I mentioned how 1 in 6 people deal with hunger in the U.S….so how cool would it be if this over production of milk could go to possibly end that problem…not be dumping it in some farmer’s shit pit!!!

Now, my intention is not to shine a bad light on Adam or Stewart’s, just to expose how broken the system is that milk travels from the farm to your table!


  1. Hi Ed, My Mom grew up on a farm many years ago – when full milk cans were carried from the farm to the road – first by dogs and then horses. There were three huge meals a day with raw milk, real homemade butter, fresh beef, lots of eggs with really big portions. People were healthy and tired but in good shape from an honest hard day’s work. I know you remember those days too. Everything was real. Your best point was about feeding hungry children with the surplus milk. Makes no sense or a bit of government blinders that allows this to happen. Go figure. Thank you for pointing that out – more people need to be aware of the nonsense around us. Keep offering up these valuable lessons.



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