1596522phil4_385005091852752_2269113762395156157_nPhil is beginning to blossom after shedding all his manly beauty last fall…(Carol)

That truck that just went by…a farmer. How do I know you ask? Did you not notice him breaking his neck to check everything out, of course brake lights on,  help. If the truck has stuff thrown in the back he is still farmin, while if the trucks newer and her’s shakin his head, may have sold the farm, or at least renting it out to bigger fish!

That car going by now…she is a veggie-only type…Why?…Was butchering a beef cow once over across the road…she honked and yelled ‘murderer’…

That car pulled up by the fence looking at those heifers….her granddaughter is in the back seat asleep. She is the one that misses the farm…she grew up on one.

A van full of kid’s noses squashed up against the windows…they’re all asking if they can pet a cow and that lady sittin in the driver’s seat with her arms flying and lips a-flappin…bet she is talking about how they have big teeth and bite…not even knowing they don’t even have teeth on top…only in the back…

Cars that turn around in front of the barn then return within minutes…older couples…they need directions to New Skete…younger people…directions to North Bennington.

Those that stop and start snapping pictures or get out and set up a tripod and start shooting pictures…yes it happens…of either something I’ve made…but most likely,,, it is those Brown Swiss!

The older gentleman in a power company pickup…sitting staring at the cows eating…with such a big smile…first time up close without a doubt.

Was my intuition spot on with all these people? No…but damned close! Why walk up to all these and many other cars…getting their stories while trying to give them a little piece of mine…!

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