(For some reason I am unable to insert a photo into the posts…hope to rectify this problem ASAP. Until then, please enjoy Ed’s post without a picture…Carol)

With my son Jess as a helper, we were able to wrap up an electrical upgrade that has been at the ‘ almost done’ stage for some time now… So that we were in the proper mode to take on this professional task, we threw a stepladder on the truck held on with a bungee cord, found some old tool belts, then filled them with screwdrivers and pliers…hopped in the truck and drove out one driveway and backed into the other one.

Totally prepared, we headed down cellar in our farm house to make sparks…now while we were preparing, Carol was lowering our deductible and increasing the payout on our insurance, just in case.

After the normal ‘Ah, hell, that looks good’, then’ maybe a close enough for gov’t work’, then finished up with a ‘can’t see it from upstairs’…it was time.
So with our safety glasses on we threw the switch with our little prayer…’And God said, let there be light’!

Yes there was and no it wasn’t a big flash with a puff of smoke! Also we don’t need to talk about those couple of little glitches!…Since the project went so fast, along with being such a success, as Jess did the finishing touches, I did some cellar housecleaning/maintenance.

First you must understand that when my parents bought this house in 1948, it had no cellar…in fact I know a lady in town who was born in this house and the floors were dirt…My father used a scoop to dig the cellar under perhaps 60% of the house; the same scoop that him and I dug a pond with when I was a teenager and still hangs in the shop…

So…back in the basement I was checking all the poles, mostly setting on stones, that are holding up the house…A few have been replaced through the years, but none need to be at the present time…All the pipe work got checked, even got the rake and did some dirt floor cleanup!! Found some scrap metal pieces, but most importantly, found a toy soldier from an army set I had as a kid and it was in perfect condition!

Now…is this proof along with me liking mustard and biscuits that my parents locked me in the cellar when I was little or is this trooper a deserter???

What I do know after the day’s successful upgrade, is this old house looks so-so from the outside, but these ying-yangs who raise assessments on old houses with dirt cellars with hand poured concrete or bulging rock walls…some oild rough boards under plastic siding on top of insulation sheets…then some paneling, knotty pine or sheet rock over plaster and lathe inside…all of which is neither square or level, moves with the seasons…hell, this is just where we want to be!

So assess and tax ’em on what they really are! Old cozy home…the key word being ‘old’!!!

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  1. I hear the latch closing as I speak. I’m guessing those rebel ways started at an early age. With a couple toy soldiers stuffed in yer pocket– just on the off chance? Great piece Ed.



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