Water under the Bridge…

Sadie and Beanie last fall. Buddies.1460beanie-and-sadie6411_343108579375737_3418454294543921711_nEven without Federal funding, years of engineering and an expected completion date of around 2020, there is water flowing under the newly constructed foot bridge over the mighty Bedlam Farm River…

Even with the constant nagging from Jon to wait until he could get a photo, or move closer together so we were all in the shot…Maria, Carol and I were able to assemble the bride for easier access to their back woods for walking purposes.

Having not seen the brook where they wanted the bridge, the material I took over was just a guess from Maria’s description…Now after seeing how everything went together, I will take over my chainsaw to trim up some brush along with a couple well placed posts to anchor things down for safety sake!

Next, I can turn my attention to the homework Jon sent back with me…Fix the wooden gate his animals ate up! I will replace the eaten up boards with re-bar style wire mesh panels I have. That will work well as long as his critters aren’t like me…I have been known to chew nails and spit rust! Just sayin’!

One scary part was when on our way back from constructing the bridge, Jon gets talking about a Meditation area out in the woods with a gazebo and maybe an observation tower!!! Also, in time, replacing the small foot bridge with a big arched job, so Red could bring the sheep along!!! Damned>>>had to threaten to take the bridge back to slow him down!

Seriously, we would do anything for those two; knowing them is one of the true treasures in our lives!!


  1. Just another great piece of clever writing. Of course, the clever thinking has to come first! Please continue to keep us informed and laughing!



  2. Love you two. I thank Jon for introducing us!
    Each day my imagination moves from Co. Down, Northern Ireland to upstate NY and I live in your part of the world! I think it’s called vicarious living.
    I so enjoy following life on your farm as well as Jon and Maria’s animals.
    Tomorrow I will be 78 so my agricultural past is now over two decades away.
    Keep writing
    Best wishes. Pat Bryson (Mrs)



  3. Well, I can only say, that Jon and Maia are so lucky to have you and Caol for their friends. I should be so lucky. Oh, love the picture of the bridge and now am looking forwad to that tower.



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