Just like Aaron Rogers said–R-E-L-A-X.

150734rainbow10_357459311273997_6058449064399914186_nSeems every where you look or read today, it’s Trump-mania! So being the stress relief expert of experts (!) I feel compelled to break it down just as they did calling this election!

First of all, let me say I don’t care who you voted for, in fact don’t intend to dwell on who won! Why? Because of the faith I have in guys like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, along with all the other gentlemen who thought this whole thing up!

They were forward thinkers, creating something , not worrying about the old legacy thing!…Raises the question with their foresight has the constant desire to change their foundation work in a legacy hunt become the ultimate tests through time?

Was it just luck in the years since this country of ours was formed, or maybe the stars lined up right, but why, when needed along the way with all the sad sacks in the 45 who have been our presidents, did Lincoln come when he did? Who would have fit better in that time slot?…The old chicken or egg thing, which comes first…the consequence or the person?

What will happen in the next four years, who really knows but the system will survive!…Just as it did in my life time when a vice-President got shit canned… When the rumors that were years later turned into facts that LBJ sat on the ‘throne’, door open, talking to reporters….Yeah, tricky Dickie was not a crook! The likes of Wallace and Thurman kept getting re-elected…dead people got elected!

Even young people who may have voted for the first time have been around long enough to remember penis pictures taking one man down, while a cigar along with a stain on a dress and another reached cult hero status!

We’ll get through this, be it good or bad…And just think, with today’s technology we won’t have to wait 50 years when the  tapes are released…it will all be on u Tube right after ‘Bull Fighting’s Worst Wrecks ‘ and me castrating a cat!!!

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