Weather related…

15741211_3ducks78491555837439_6148402474408661184_nWild ducks in a snow storm a few weeks ago…


Like a large part of the country, we got our dose of freezing rain and sleet a few days ago…Right here we never lost power, thankfully. Biggest hiccup was schools running a couple hours late,,,Most commuters, even out here in the boonies, kept buzzing along! Yes, I know the roads looked pretty good, but are we really in that much of a hurry??

Also realize my job is right outside the back door…with that being said, while carrying feed into a pen behind the shop with three young steers in it, I flopped down on my ass in a hurry!! I figured the elbow and shoulders would have after effects, but though I do have some junk in the trunk (guessing not so much) cause even that hurts…

Should have known better…always make a new path after a freezin’ event….The plus part is that it is the only pen that we have to carry feed to; all the other can be done via skid steer…speaking of skiddie, after chores were completed, and with some help from Jess, we started drawing manure from box stalls and barn areas where hay is fed.

Knowing spring  run-off from snow melt in the mountains, with spring rains still to come, we made sure to spread manure on level corn fields, surrounded or adjacent to, hay ground, Nature’s filters in the fight against run-off.

It seems that bouncing over frozen ground either rattled another screw loose or shook things back into place…my ass aches are gone, along with a large portion of this ice!!!

Still intend to make another path to feed those three amigos, though.


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