January Thaw…

The Flutter Hawk keeps an eye out on the telephone pole…Mud, Mud, Mud…Yuck!


This warm weather we’ve been seeing over the last few days has left us with rain, lots of fog and very little snow left only on some of the higher peaks to our east. In most years when I was much younger, a warm 4 to 7 day stretch this time of year was the January thaw! That few days to fix broken water lines…Maybe clean some manure built up  that just might thaw.

Most often also had to go get another jag of wood since most often the thought of the pile being plenty big for the winter, seems very small by then…Unlike recent years, haven’t gotten down to bare ground as often as we do now.

Those years with a blanket of snow still left, in turn made for great toboggan weather! Those warmer days with cold nights put a nice crust on the snow creating a very fast track! Major problem was if there was a hedgerow at the bottom of the hill or road, that meant stopping by baling off and that crusty snow could make for some really nasty road rash!!

One time a couple of us had made a small jump about halfway down this good-sized hill, just before the thaw…The snow was so hard and slick we could hardly stand up! Sitting 4 people deep on my toboggan, we pushed off, headed toward that jump…It was so slippery going down that hill we had no control at all going over the jump, pretty much sideways!…Bodies were flying in all directions and I tries to hold on to my toboggan…Big Mistake…Some how in landing my coat sleeve was pushed well up(above my elbow), along with my shirt sleeve…

Yup! One mean case of road rash on my forearm!…Almost as bad as the one on the side of my face, when I came to a stop against the brush at the bottom of the hill!!! It was right there lying in the brush next to my toboggan that I made the decision to put it up…well, at least until February vacation….


  1. Love your toboggan story brought back memories of tobogganing down a very steep hill that was actually a dirt road up to a fire tower and we were going so fast we never bailed out near the bottom, where it met the paved road, and sailed right over the build up of snow at the bottom and right across the street just after a car had gone by, we had a lot of laughs.



  2. When I was small…many years ago…we used to go out with the toboggan at night on our rural back road…my uncle, in control position, would right and left up one snow bank and down the other…being small at the time, I was in front in the curl…somebody zigged when they should have zagged and we buried the nose of the toboggan in the snow…with me inside…never forgot that ride……thanks for stirring a memory….



    1. Hi Donna…This is Carol. I remember going up to the Country Club in Bennington with our church youth group for sledding and such. My Dad would get the biggest kick out of giving the kids a frightful ride but they always went back to the top of the hill for another. We are both 64 and it seems like a lot of little things are prompting fond memories lately. Maybe it is just that time in life but boy it is so enjoyable to remember all those years ago (wow, in the last century!!!) and some of the crazy things we were a part of!!
      Have a good evening. We were getting a bit of snow, sleet and freezing rain all at once when we came in from milking tonight. Already slippery! Stay warm…
      Ed and Carol Gulley



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