My Farmer and Me–Get-together…

Yesterday my farmer and I went to our grandson Cooper’s birthday dinner. It is always a great time when we are able to see all 4 of our kids and at least some of the grandkids, if not all.

Cooper is our youngest grand child; he turned 8 on Saturday…where has the time gone? No more babies, I’m afraid. We can watch them all grow into beautiful and handsome adults, each following their own path and making their own choices. Life is always throwing road blocks and speed bumps in our paths but somehow we are able to turn around and make a better choice or slow down and take one step at a time. And so I wish that for those 10 perfect (in Grammy’s eyes) kiddos…a life of kindness, happiness and only challenges they can conquer!!!

Our daughter and her husband cooked prime rib with all the fixings that was a great meal. The grown ups talked and the kids played…wonderful afternoon. Cooper played on his new piano and his Uncle Chad played, making us all happy that he still had it, and he seemed to enjoy it (took lessons from the age of 4 with the same teacher Cooper has) AWESOME!!!

In pictures it is 7 of the 10 total grandkids…Kaylah had to get back to college after dinner; Jordan and Olivia had other commitments 4-h for JDog and study for exams for Liv)–middle picture is Uncle Jess and Coop working on MineCraft–right picture is Cooper and Skylar showing off new hairstyles!!! Bosom buddies!

Next weekend it is another party; Sweet 16 for Jayda. Hope we can make it…So looking forward to more family time before the spring rush of field work and busy summer!!!


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