Two in a Hundred…


Thank a farmer…any kind of farmer…

We attended a play on Saturday night about farming, put on by local young people at the Freight Depot/Hubbard Hall …Which, by the way, was darned good…if you are in the area and interested in farming in any way, you should go this weekend…just save a seat for Carol and I, ’cause we are going again, as long as God is willing and the creek don’t rise!

It was very emotional for me, as they pointed out in the play that farmers are just 2% of the work force…as my head wraps around it, in a crowd of 100 people, one other person in there is like me…we are the same, but yet we’re different. For me, anyway, I am a lifer, born and raised…

For me the difference of being one of the two is my head isn’t looking down at an iPhone or computer like the 98 looking something up; rather I am doing the job. I get the technology and even use it, like with this Blog…  You can look at a video of ducks landing on newly thawed water–saw it out back this morning while feeding heifers…A new calf comes into the world, even the ones that don’t make it, are still visions in our heads.

It is hard to explain and no, doesn’t mean we are better than the others…just see the word in a different light. It forces Carol to do the driving many times when we need to go in the car, because my world is out there conversing with a goat maybe, or a crow…it is easier for me and with people, not so easy…

Now days, with that push from Jon and Maria, it has become rewarding and fun! Today the feeling is still in me that I’m different; almost question if I belong;…then I see this play and the great positive response from the audience.. the 98 and I realize to be 100 we need each other!!!

(As part of that 2%, we would like to give David Snider and the actors, along with anyone else involved in this production: ***** five-stars, wonderfully informative and thought provoking…great job!–( Carol)

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