My Farmer and Me–Baby watch 3

16266050_3elf-and-neester90657581287503_7096129002743393662_n I apologize for not being able to post the video we made last night to begin Baby Watch 3…Having some sort of glitch in the process I guess.  But there are two that can be viewed on my channel on YouTube.

Last night we put Elf in the barn as she was showing signs of freshening. I guess it is the mother in me, but I am usually the one to check on these situations in the middle of the night; true to form, I got up at midnight and 3:15 to check on her. Both times she was laying down, chewing her cud and acting a bit uncomfortable…isn’t that what labor is about?  Uncomfortable doesn’t begin to describe it, right ladies?

Well, when I went out to start the day, there they were…a gorgeous little heifer ( which I didn’t know for sure until Ed checked) all licked off, and looking very healthy! Her name is N’Eester–for Nor-easter–Ed has a way with spelling. Last night our son Jess said that should be the name if it was born during the storm…and so it is..

So, as of tonight we are richer than we were 24 hours ago…a beautiful heifer has blessed us with her birth…Congratulations, Elf, on a job well done!


  1. OK I am in love. N’Eester is a beautiful Swiss as is her mom. A Girl. Life is good. With all the crazy in the world this news made me smile. Thank you.



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