Yeah! I said it…You Can’t fix stupid…

16265874_phil391339824552612_7022840903874993401_nMr. Phil is gorgeous…

Ok, I admit not knowing what PETA stands for, but my guess would be Poorly Educated Toward Animals! What else could it be; any group that had it’s hand in the demise of 146 years of Ringling Bros. Greatest Show on Earth…Sad, oh so sad!!

Now I am not going to even get into the elephant, tigers or loss of jobs…No, every one go look up the photo in Time magazine, page 11 taken in 1963! Look at those kids! My age at that time would have been 11, like the boy over by the adults!

To think my grandkids, everyone’s for that matter, will most likely never get to see magnificent animals in a setting like that! …Yes, for now, there will still be zoos with fences, bars, cages and the like. This and the parade down main street will now become extinct…just what uneducated dim wits, (in my opinion) who preach animal rights while knowing about as much about animals as a hog knows about a holiday!

Not bragging…hell yes I am ’cause some of us understand; we feel, we see, we sense! Like yesterday Elf, the cow that calved, made herself be front and center during the day, but it was up to me to see, her telling me ‘its calving time,get me to my pen!’

When we got into the barn with that nice dry bed of straw, she was all over me, making the video on Baby Watch 3. It was her thank you..So, for all those whose prints are on this and thousands of other injustices, not only to all these animals…look at that picture; Time page 11, then turn and tell your kids or grand kids and proclaim that you are the reason they will never see such a beautiful sight like that! So, so proud…

Yeah! let me tell you a little secret; you’re not getting an animal that size or any size, to do anything without their Acceptance of you and your Respect for them!!! –


  1. I can remember watching the Circus Train pass by in Hamilton Twp. NJ in the late 60’s – early 70’s. I was working at American Standard at the time and the RR tracks were only a few hundred feet from our factory and offices. What a thrill !!!



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