Bucket List…Why now?

downloadNot really sure when I started filling out the old bucket list…almost everyday I put new little items in between others as I like one…or put it over in the ‘ margin’ as a possible replacement…for something , if you live long enough…or won’t be around for, or even better, you forget!!!

But the one I always talk about…the truck the same age as me!

See, for my first car my father bought me a 1952 Studebaker, which by the way, was not…I repeat…not a chick magnet!!! Good for laughs from others. Easy for me to work on, given what mechanical work I knew; a toggle switch with a button (no Key), boy was I a forward thinker!!!

But like anyone who had an old car like that at one time, you kick yourself in the ass, ’cause you never listened to what you were told…’Take care of that; it will be worth a mint someday!’ I think we all know what part of the body out thought process goes through at that age!!!

Any way, my son Jeremy has, without trying, found a 1952 Chevy Flathead six pickup, licensed, road worthy, just a short road trip away! Why now? After almost three years of low milk prices, along with a decade of poor gravel sales? Why, with both milk prices POSSIBLY increasing and a sudden renewed interest in our gravel for this coming season, did this not happen six months from now????

Before Jeremy gave me the news on his find, he called and talked to the owner, looked at pictures; he is impressed and the price sounds decent! Elephant in the room…first one takes it!!

How, after running on fumes and finally three years out from Carol’s heart surgery, the cow numbers getting back up to where with milk prices on the rise(?), did this not happen next fall? It is strange how so often like in real estate they say ‘location, location, location’; with this it’s timing, timing, timing!!

How does it go? Life gets in the way sometimes? Well, lets hope it gets in someone else’s way who sees that truck, till I get time to catch up!!!  Hey, someone need a Boumatic Tank washer or 60 Norbco Durobend free stall dividers??? Never hurts to ask…

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