Running thru my head…

16388005_3kandy2926171060644_8132142540283007066_nWith winter comes short days with lots of chores, so as like normal, to-do projects get started then set aside to be resumed at a later date!

Today all those parts, pieces, measurements, this here, no that there, wrong size, cut twice and still too short were all coming out my ears!!

First, it was finish up that gate for Jon and Maria!…Wow, took maybe 10 minutes!!BUT my head got thinking about his meditation bench! News flash…new idea on how to  build it with somewhat lighter materials, while still strong enough! Also can be built in sections to assemble in the woods.

So, the search begins, then realize trying to clean up projects, not make a bigger pile!!!! Now Back to plan A, new with used parts…hooks on two gates that get opened several times a day. Another 20 minutes and I am done…Keep this up and I may get back to that bench after all!

Carpenter time…saw, ruler and square, check, check and check…check 22 inch board , 124 inches long…Carol’s father had sawed it out with his saw mill years ago…now it’s going to become a wall mount for a small furniture piece I refurbished.

Was about 20 minutes from completion when Carol returned from the vet’s where she got some fluids to run in a heifer, who looked ‘off’ yesterday, but came right up to the feed bunk with the others when I fed them…Then today, even though  she came up to eat, my gut told me something’s wrong…

Like all animals around here, she was an easy catch to do a field exam on, after which she was taken over to the barn to receive a magnet for possible hardware, along with antibiotics for early signs of pneumonia…

Then we ran fluids in her so she won’t become de-hydrated. Now in the boxstall by herself, I was able to see her manure and I think I’ll give her some worm meds, which all of our animals get in the spring when they go out on pasture and then again when pasture season ends in the fall.

Nothing she is getting will ever taint her milk when she becomes a milk cow down the road, in about a year. Also, if for some reason she doesn’t breed she may become a beef project and the antibiotics in her system would be gone in 30 days after her last treatment…I chose to give this heifer a chance to become a milk cow someday

Tomorrow a close inspection will be done on the other heifers over in the pasture she was in with. As for what happened, I think having hardware over these last few days, it has been very wet with sleet, freezing rain and we snow…she got chilled and run down like us having the flu…

So every one knows, hardware is just like it says…a nail, screw or maybe a piece of wire the cow eats. It goes to the bottom of their stomachs, and in some cows it just sits there and never bothers them…others it may puncture the diaphragm between the cows’ stomachs and/or heart and lungs causing pain when they move or breathe.

Putting a magnet in hopefully draws the metal back to sit at the stomach bottom. Back in the 60’s we had a cow operated on by cutting a hole in her side while she was standing up…the Vet reached down into the cow’s stomach and did bring out  a piece of wire and a nail…Yes, the cow lived, too.

On many farms today, every cow gets a magnet…not just if they have problems…Definitely cheaper than surgery and the heifer looks much better tonite…laying in the boxstall chewing her cud…
















































  1. You just leave the magnet in??? Like forever? (Making a little garden bench myself, too. Not a fancy one, but scrap timber and lumber from a small commercial subdivision clubhouse. Timber of any kind hard to get in Texas.)



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