My Farmer and Me–An Early Morning ‘Pitfall’!

16298555_39again3306947689233_6710918600786421240_nYup! Did it again…this time I am sharing the proof! While putting cows in the holding area to milk this a.m., one of the Aussies, Lovey,  decided it was her job to separate the couple of dry cows out and Wham…down I go.

Sweet Pea backed into me with a jerk and this jerk went flying into the sh–! Boy, I am awake now!!!

I try to keep the dogs in the parlor while I am doing this job, as it would normally be their job to round up the cows in the pasture, but since they are in the free stall barn it can get a bit ‘hairy’…

So I cannot fault the dog for my mistake…I turned my back at the wrong time. Much like the calf incident, she just bumped me with her butt as I was turning and…well you know the rest!

I probably should have called this a ‘sh—fall’ but not this time…after all it is Sunday!


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