:Yes, forever…

bejosh grinding stoneLast post I talked about a sick heifer we treated for possible hardware by giving her a magnet. Yes, the magnet will stay in her stomach for the rest of her life, hopefully picking up what may be the problem now, along with anything she may pick up in the future.

With all the feed cows consume and much of it being handled by several different machines, metal in feed stuffs is common. In fact, in some mixing wagons now, there are magnets built in to pull away any metal from the feed before it reaches the cows.

To give a visual for explaining, we did a video this afternoon that is on Carol’s channel; unfortunately, she is having a problem getting it up to the Blog from YouTube. Sorry. However it can be viewed by any one on YouTube, and we will try to remedy whatever problem there is ASAP…

In the video, I told about the detection of possible hardware, giving a magnet and also doing an IV of Lactated Ringers for de-hydration.(Putz, Sadie and other calves also made it into the video)

If any one would like more info on a particular subject just between us, write me at 10 Chestnut Hill Rd, Eagle Bridge N.Y. 12057.

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