Saturday night out…

16406635_394jayda278514258743_8516019164124517658_nCarol and I went to the play about Agriculture again, as we did last week, up at the Winter Carnival at Hubbard Hall; it was performed at the Freight Depot!

We brought along Jayda, one of our grand daughters .(Pictured above at her Sweet 16 birthday party on Sunday!!) She is very into animals, the farming life, very athletic, hunts, does great in school and every one loves her. Except for the ‘school’ thing, she is just like me!!! She also participated in the discussion and comments on the performance with the cast and director.

On the way home, we stopped by Stewart’s for an ice cream sundae and talked about our thoughts regarding the performance. We all loved it and were talking over different aspects, when OOPS, that four letter word DEBT reared it’s ugly head.

It seemed as we discussed it,safety, the new technology available, we noticed that double-edged sword rotating around the low prices we continue receiving for the products we produce. All of these areas were touched on in the performance.

Take dairy for example, some of the most indebted of all.. Yes, the technology is there with the trade-off being the manage debt system. Manage larger at each low milk cycle, with the lenders request of ‘add more cows’! The result is to live on an early ’80’s paycheck…doesn’t work. Isn’t that why the push for increased minimum wage??

It is somewhat true our hands are tied because of who sets milk prices, along with as it was said in the play, “farmers are their own worst enemies!” We play right into those hands by not controlling our production using tactics OPEC used with oil in the ’70s and ’80s.

Does any one think at the present that importing milk and milk products fits today’s robotics? I can see that going over like a fart in church…

Is it this seemingly hopeless road to nowhere will continue? As I said before about my Grandfather telling my father, who told me, now I am telling my kids who will most likely tell their’s. I will never live to see it, but people will get hungry…then being a farmer will be important again!

Will people ever understand the ‘calling’ part?  It’s who you are, what you do…or will that #2 suicide rate (after police) continue to be the faith of too many people with the mother of all callings!!

Such a great play on such an oh, so complicated subject. We three loved it…Great job by all…I salute you with my mug of milk!!!

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  1. I know what it is like to be hungry, but most people in this country don’t, until it is too late. If we don’t have farms and farmers, we don’t have food. Unless you grow your own. Keep up your good work Ed and Carol.



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