Common ground…

16387399mom-and-babe394812730871988_674782163271213125_nIn many blog posts I harp on low milk prices and how farmers are struggling with many of us destined to fail…BooHoo.

Actually, why should the college student who just graduated with his masters care, while working in the food service industry…nothing in his field?

Or the guy after 17 years, that got let go cause of downsizing!…Older people stocking shelves part time to make ends meet…Factories leaving town, hell, leaving the country..

Over taxed, over regulated…getting ahead has just turned into keeping your head above water!!! And NOT just for farmers.

Making milk prices higher for me, in turn makes them higher at the other end and if you can’t afford it, does that really help me?

We need a total engine job, not just an oil change! People are generations away from the farm today; a re-connect is needed.

In the lower grades in school, kids need more than seeing a chick hatch and listen to the story of Johnny Appleseed! Ag programs need to come back…for all kids, not just the ones interested…every one needs to know where our food comes from!

They need to experience growing plants, dealing with animals…other than dissecting a frog. We need that common ground for the future…Along with less millionaires and billionaires , but way more visionaries and forward thinkers…the ones whose legacy will be their profound effect on people, not the bottom line!

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  1. Fortunately some teachers do those things. My daughter is an Elementary teacher and each year they hatch either ducks or chicks. She has bird feeders outside the room windows and they study the birds that come to feed. They plant seeds of various plants each Spring and most importantly they take a field trip to Willow Marsh Farm. These are all informational activities.
    Unfortunately technology is making many of our jobs disappear. What we need to do is stress more education in skilled areas that many young people don’t seem interested in.
    Most importantly we need to stop the wealthy from controlling our country. They don’t have a clue about how most of the citizens of this country live nor do they care.
    Your words are heard but not always by the right people. Hmmm
    Thank you.



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