16427419_neester395321667487761_6630226392658581273_nThat’s what it’s been, just about one year since we started the blog! Having still not become a computer whiz or learn how to type, I’m still writing all my posts out by hand and Carol types them into the computer, where on occasion she uses her editorial privilege..woe is me, thee price an artist pays for not being able to type!!!

Meanwhile, the pile of legal pads, notebooks and now three-ring binders continue to grow. Which, in turn, got me thinking…bad idea…could all this hen scratching become a book?

Title?…everything starts with a title. Should it be …Growing up Gulley…no, that won’t fit not everything is about me, or should I say us!..The Gulley Way…No, get over yourself, it is more than just me!!

I got it…View From Behind the Cow…now that speaks to me!! Bad thought…What if I put all these posts together in book form and that doesn’t fit? Ya think maybe just play it safe for now and keep doing what I’ve been doing?

Like yesterday, made the bench for Jon to meditate on up in his woods…now that he has that Ed Gulley Memorial Bridge to get over his Bedlam Farm River. Now that is a true friend; a memorial bridge and I ain’t even dead yet!

Then, since how well it came out impressed even me, Carol shot a video of it…Look on YouTube under Carol Gulley…we are having no luck getting them to move to the Blog, but am working on the problem (just need to figure out what the problem is!!)

Earlier in the day, I got to chat with John Greenwood for a few minutes as we also welcomed back Rick, our milk truck driver. Our prayers are with you Rick and also Ron; you know we are always here…

Finally to wrap up the day, I actually started getting ready for today, Ground Hog Day. As a kid, farmers would do their inventory on feed stuffs remaining, as this was thought of as the midpoint in winter…Then around May 10th the date most farmers turned out animals to pasture, feeding grain to milk cows during milking time; otherwise they would be out on pasture…unlike today, when some farms keep cows in all the time and bring the feed to them!

For me it wasn’t inventory, it was finding an umbrella…no groundhog shadow at our place…my body likes summer time, heat and humidity! Don’t we all do our best work naked? Or at least hope we do!!!!

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