Could not stand to lose…

15697941_3cogburn-and-emmy77233029296625_8208357052643580152_nIn everything else winning never mattered…last in a foot race, who cares? Not the best speller in the spelling bee…So? Even in team games it was still just a game!

This lack of being numero uno continued all thru my life!Such as the cows aren’t top producers or my crops never set any harvesting records and the sun still comes up in the morning!

But…if playing the game Monopoly…I WILL NOT LOSE! No way! I’ll even cheat if need be! It is even worse if I’m playing against family, especially kids! And no, I did not care if they were only, let’s say, teenagers at the time!

Some games would last days..or should I say nights! Most often the game would start on a weekend night during the winter after supper. Gotta’ remember, I am talking 9 at night; the kids had been workin’ all day on the farm after a long school week. The wood stove would be going, after a long day out in the cold.

Anyway, I could stack the deck in my favor! By eleven o’clock it was normally down to three of us, with one person one roll of the dice away from ‘goner’s-ville!

That is when strategy was key…I’d bring out the old ‘You’re tired, it’s late, lets split your properties up so you can go to bed; we all have to get up in the morning! They always had that one piece, Boardwalk or the utility thing…something I needed to win!

Lucky for me kids can be bought…Ok, sleep in an extra hour… and they would be pretty harsh by calling me a cheater! Not so though…they got half the spoils I just picked first! By then it was a matter of time! Yea…like another two hours, first one would be at the edge of the proverbial cliff and then the other!!!

Sometimes the game got left set up on the table until the next night…eating arrangements were cramped but finally a true winner prevailed…and if I didn’t (prevail) we were on to other things in a hurry!

Hey, let’s go, it’s time to cut wood… EDWARD, it is ten o’clock and they have school tomorrow!

Good night kids; now get up those stairs…Yea! Great Game!!! &*^%#@) WHAT?

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