Randomly what is happening…

16602775_39meditation-bench6838070669454_7600153478353233553_nWhile welding up a farm project, putting leftover parts with  random items throughout the shop together, now I have five wind chimes of a much smaller version than the arching monsters brought to last year’s Bedlam Farm Open House!

Some will simply hang, while others are built on frames that will adhere to a wall or post! If the problem we are having with the videos clears up (which I am hoping it did) we will have a video up of what I have finished so far, by the middle of the week.

These will be small enough to ship via mail cross-country. I also have some remaining parts of the ladder and the other two chairs from the set, for making another meditation bench. If you might be interested and can pick it up here, just contact me through the Blog, e-mail or 10 Chestnut Hill Rd, Eagle Bridge NY 12057. We can swing a deal.

It is Super Bowl weekend and I am predicting the winner will likely be the team with the higher score!!! Not a huge football fan; listen to it on the radio but watching it on TV makes me think how little we have evolved from Roman times with gladiators!!! That is just my opinion.

I have said it before, I listen to baseball on the radio and with a good announcer who knows the game, you paint great pictures in your mind with your imagination; or I do anyway…

For people who think winter blues has them in it’s grasp…put your coat on , go outside on these clear nights and look up…Venus is in the western sky, very bright this year! Find the Big Dipper, handle tipped up a bit…almost like the cold air is falling down on us via the handle!!!

For those of you not out in the country who don’t walk in from the barn every night under the stars, get out to some quiet country road on a quiet night, step out into that cool night air and look up…listen to nature!

Then you’ll know why I don’t want blacktop roads, street lights and all those other things!!! Let’s keep the city and country separate, cause they are two different worlds!!!


  1. Thanks for talking about Venus. I saw that bright planet near the moon several days ago and wondered which one it was. Even here in the outskirts of the big city of Trenton, NJ we are able to see some great planets in the night sky.



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