My Farmer and Me– Wind chimes and Check-up…

16640747_39wind-chimes7304443956150_4378220396766630557_nI guess today would be called a lazy day for us. Ed has a cold started and decided to work inside on his wind chimes after finishing morning chores. He has certainly found some neat stuff for these smaller versions of his wind chimes. He enjoys doing this sort of thing every once in a while…he can be very creative.

Since meeting Jon and Maria Katz his artistic side shows more often. They encourage him to do these creations and he has a great time doing them. So, enjoy the afternoon, Ed.

I on the other hand, had a check up with my Urologist. I have Interstitial Cystitis, but it seems to be manageable at this time. There is no cure but can keep the symptoms under control with prescription medicine. Unfortunately, this problem began just before my heart issue and I put off treating it until after a time of rehab for the heart surgery.

It may not have progressed as much if I had sought treatment earlier, but am doing great. Certainly was good news that it had not worsened; wasn’t looking forward to another biopsy if necessary, which it wasn’t…

My Dr. is easy to talk to and answered a number of questions I had.  That makes these things easier, when you can feel some what educated on the problem and be made to feel that you don’t know what you are talking about. So…next appointment in a year is already scheduled…hoping my checkup with my cardiologist in March goes as well, as I am not having any problems on that score either. I tell  people I am running well on a re-build…that I am!

To change the subject, I have posted a couple of videos from a year ago. The cows are going out for the first time since December in them. This year they have been able to go out more often unless there is an abundance of ice, which we did have for a while.  Love to see them run and jump around when it has been some time in between outings!!!


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  1. Carol, I’ve been a reader off and on since I also read Jon and Maria’s blogs. I am SO sorry you have interstitial cystitis. Many years ago I was afraid I was getting that, after years of occasional UTIs but it turned out just more UTI problems. I read up on it a lot at that time. I really, really feel for you and hope the medication is helping you. Take care, thanks for sharing your lives.



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