With cold being both outside and in my head, took the inside job of putting the finishing touches on the five wind chimes.Will send pictures out to the ones who have already requested some.

I am asking $55 plus shipping which we were told would be around $20, for a total of $75. Any questions can be directed through the Blog or email at…

Also, we will be videoing 2 more baby watches; Sassy, and Brown Swiss and Sweet Pea, a Holstein. They are both looking the part of being days away; Sassy is 12 days over and Sweet Pea is 6 days under their respective due dates.

Shortly after these two, we have ten first timers due over about a 4 week period, along with a couple of late bloomers! So…let’s all hope for warmer weather and some springtime baby videos…might even catch the actual birth!!!

One Comment

  1. Can’t wait for my calf fix. There’s a feeling of
    rebirth and sheer joy. Hoping for heifers and
    Healthy ones most of all.



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