Prognosticators…On my soapbox again…

1372Rose4001_295475920805670_5023843502102897718_oPopping their heads out of their holes this time of year! Oh no, not to tell us how spring is coming but rather what milk prices will be this year! Reading from the same scroll of bygone years we are hearing of the three year cycle; two down, one up!

Be still my  heart!!! I was just so surprised when they said this year was to be an up year, not record breaking, but up!

What the hell, like I didn’t realize milk prices have been down; is not up the only direction left to go??

Haven’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but like you say Mr. Expert…debt is manageable with the right cash flow!!! Kiss this…I’m old and grumpy, I want to make a profit! As for your rhetoric on exports looking better, just not sure about the strength of the dollar…I’ll let you in on a little secret; my milk goes to a processor with their own stores!

So I’m thinking we need another category for my milk! So let’s liken it to the groups of people wanting their own bathrooms…I want one for those of us who ship our milk to processors with no tie to exports, this one doesn’t smell right!

I can see it now, my lawyers Lye, Cheatum and How taking this all the way to the Supreme Court! That part may take some time and the outcome , well, mixed emotions to say the least! While I bet that groundhog has a far bigger following that feels way more confidence in what he reads on his scroll!

Guess I am too much of a black and white, up and down, right and wrong kind of person who loves to bitch at gray areas with the one size fits all approach!

Lets climb up out of the holes, stop guessing on how it will be, and make changes to the way it should be! Isn’t a good deal when all sides are happy, orcing those experts to go into say, weather forecasting???

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  1. It is tough being a small farmer. The real problem is that milk pricing does not take into account small farms. There used to be several small dairy farms in the area and small creameries. Both of those have disappeared and we are now getting super pasteurized milk from California. I get my milk from Stewart’s because they are more or less local. In the summer I had over the border to Salem to buy my milk from BattenKill Dairy. I would buy more local milk if we had a small creamery in Arlington, VT.



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