My Farmer and Me–Pail Milker

16603122_39pail-milker8679533818641_6111191736672354492_nFYI…This is a pail milker that we use from time to time, when it is necessary to keep a particular animal ‘s milk separate from the rest that goes through the pipeline from the milkers to the bulk tanks in the milk house.

We use it when we milk a fresh cow (new Momma) the first 3 or 4 times after she gives birth, so we can feed the colostrum (Momma’s milk) to the new baby.

We can still use the regular milkers, but we just change the hoses, vacuum and milk, to the pail milker so the milk goes directly to the pail and not in the milk line with the other cows’ milk.

Some people don’t understand that we try not to allow the newborn to suck from the mom as it is harder on the cow to leave the baby, and can also make it a bigger job to get the calf to drink from a bottle or nipple pail…if the calf has sucked from the mom it has a tendency to push and sort of buck into the bottle or nipple pail because that’s what it does to the mom.

The newborn will get the milk from it’s mother for 3 or 4 feedings at least, maybe not the natural way, but still receives the goodness of the colostrum. Then, unless there are problems with the calf, we will switch over to a milk replacer and warm water…

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  1. I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota. Dad had Holsteins. Dad did not have his daughters do the milking. He had sons for that, but we girls got to feed the calves. For the life of me, I cannot remember how long dad left a calf with it’s mother, but I do remember calves butting their heads into the bucket like they would at an utter and occasionally knocking the bucket out of my hands. Those little babies are strong!
    Thanks for stirring up some childhood memories for me. I really enjoy your blog.



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