Rain out and a snow day back to back…

16602697_398snow-storm777413808853_6054058744078649688_nTwo days ago awoke to mostly bare ground and a swimming hole in every low spot around. Then this morning it was fine blowing snow re-covering the ground at about the five inch level here in Bejosh country in upstate NY!

As a kid, even a young adult, working in the rain was a ‘so what’ and cleaning up the mess was the times when during the day at some point everyone ends up jumping up and down in a big puddle of water or pulling each other around on an old inner tube.

While those snow days would mean time between chores spent sledding on the hill out back or as a teenager, jumping on my MotoSki Cadet snowmobile (which by the way, I still have), my combination birthday and Christmas present in 1965 or maybe 66…cost my parents $625 and don’t think for a minute that I didn’t hear that number a few times!!!

It wasn’t like just riding with no work involved…There were several years we never got all the corn picked before heavy snow fell, so with the snow machine and the toboggan in tow, I’d head to pick corn by hand, filling bags then towing them home to be used to feed hogs, chickens or  to be ground into a cow grain.

I always found reasons for  multiple trips, like the bag had a hole in it…had to come get another one…or just plain needed a drink. Like I was a kid that never ate snow or icicles..yeah right.

Much unlike the last two days, first it  was water, water everywhere and no place for it to go. Those ponds in all the low spots are there ’cause frost stops water from seeping into the ground; a future forecast of when the frost is gone at least in those spots, anyway.

Today, with the snow and cold, I spent more time running in to warm my hands than anything else…well maybe not as much as cursin’ and yes, all bad words…And not part of the goal we need to have living in agreement with nature…


  1. Thanks Maria…Yes, the old saying,”can’t we all just get along’ also comes to mind..
    You have a wonderful and safe trip. We will be thinking about you!
    Love you dear friend…Ed and Carol



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