“Multi”- lingual

One of my greatest accomplishments as an old farm boy is that I can talk chicken and cow or calf, duck, pig, dog, horse, plus the language of every other animal I’ve ever raised!…along with the many wild animals like crows, raccoon and hawks.

With every moo, grunt or bark I know it may be, ‘hey, this water bowl is not working and I’m thirsty!” That bark …’somebody just drove in the other driveway, but don’t worry, it is Maggie and she is here get something!’ …That heifer just said she’s in heat, ‘take me to the bull!’

Sometimes, just like people they don’t say a word but I still hear them; ‘my foot hurts, my belly aches or I’m going to escape this place, somehow today…’

You learn how to listen then you even find the way to talk back! Sometimes it’s with words, other times it can just be sign language… Then after the water bowls are fixed or the gate is opened to greener pastures, there is that acknowledgment ; thank you. It may be a push you out of the way love tap, ‘I’m thirsty’…but under normal conditions it always seems to be guarded not meant as a power struggle. It’s as if they understand, ‘if I’m here you’re here!”

The really cool part about talkin’ these languages is we are all on a first name basis, like if I call Mongo the bull, he comes …not Putz the dog or Sadie the goat…BUT if I also had a Mongo the goat I bet they would both come, so that means the languages of Bull, Goat and English are kinda’ alike…Now that is freaky!!!

I am still sticking to my story though…I’m a ‘multi’-linguist…whatever that is!


  1. I know just what you mean, Ed. I can speak and understand most animals that I have encountered in my lifetime. I love all animals and it just comes naturally to me.



  2. You have to care about the animals around you to know what they need or want. You know what is “normal” for that animal and if something doesn’t seem “normal” then you respond to the need. Sometimes it’s not even a big need / it could just be “I want your attention. ” It’s so obvious that you and Carol know and deeply care about your animals. So their needs are met. They are lucky. You are bilingual but more than that you are compassionate. That is of utmost importance to have a healthy and happy herd and the same for all the other pets.



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