Important info on why to move Valentine’s Day…

16708565_400heart-rock210916998836_6518865017287518529_nThis time of year just after Ground Hog Day, with the first warm day, I take cow clippers to my hair and beard. But…normally NOT to the extent I did this year. This was in my haste to bring on spring as normal…instead, the only thing brought on is a head cold!!!

Nights become cough, cough, cough…look at the clock…repeat…until the point where I go sit at the kitchen table…where as my coffee gets cold I cough up a lung…then blow my nose, losing half my brain…which I must be careful as I don’t have too many halves to waste!!!

Now this grumpy old man sees the conspiracy  holiday markers have crafted to get men spending hundreds on Valentine’s Day. Make them think spring…do something stupid like me…getting a cold to ruin sleep for anyone in the house, then…WHAM…here comes cupid so get out the wallet!

Well, this grumpy old man is better than any heart shaped card, box of chocolates or room full of flowers!

So Happy Valentine’s Day, coming up Tuesday, to lovely ladies every where…especially to my lovely lady, Carol!

(The photo is of the heart shaped rock Ed gave me on the 1st anniversary of my heart surgery. Yes, he has his days!! CAROL)


  1. You need some of that, “nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine.”
    My father called it ginger brandy.



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