My Farmer and Me–Baby Watch 5,6 and 7.


Time for another Baby Watch…this time it is 2 first calf heifers and one older cow, Sweet Pea, who will be joining these 2 later this afternoon. The 2 heifers are Kruncher (whiter one) and Jordyn.

Seems only fitting that it is storming here…forecast is calling for around 10 more inches to add to Thursday’s snow fall. All of the other 4 animals that have had their little ones in this pen have done so either during a rain  storm and cold spell, or a snow storm.  If I heard right, it may be blustery tomorrow… perhaps the weather will contribute to the choice of names for the prospective little ones.

So, stay tuned every one and I will post updates as soon as something happens with these 3 animals. Sweet Pea will most likely be the first to deliver, so we need to get her in there before it gets dark. As soon as Ed is finished with cleaning the free stall barn, I think I will pester him about getting her in…he won’t like it, but even with lights on the path to the barn, it is much easier and safer to do in the light of day.


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