16730393_400winter841033602491_4165214955324460587_nLost sight of last year’s corn stubble as snow has finally become deep enough here, two days short of the half way point in February.

Spring training games will be in progress in less than two weeks!

If my memory is correct, a crop farmer from southern Mississippi I met in Branson ,Missouri a few years ago, said he would start planting onions in late February.

I have already ordered my seed corn from Enestvedt Seed Co in Sacred Heart Minnesota; all paid for and will pay the trucker $5 per bag when it’s delivered in April.

If all goes well will have it in the ground in May! Then God willing, and the creek don’t rise, with blessings from Mother Nature, it will grow well.

Finally by next September we’ll know how good or bad this investment was! At that time the ‘if’s’ start all over again as harvest begins.

To steal a quote from Will Rogers, “The farmer has to be an optimist or he would’t be a farmer!”

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