My Farmer and Me

While clearing breakfast dishes this morning, my farmer asked if he looked nice… until I turned around and saw him I was like, okay, I’ll bite…when I saw what he was talking about I called him an idiot, of course, and then told him he would probably be good and warm with that scarf. Guess he didn’t believe me. Discarded it and went back to his new Cabela’s winter hat. Good choice.

Out the door he went to clear more snow with ‘Skiddie’ . He has been having problems with cold hands these last few days and has to go in and warm them up by the wood stove either in the milking parlor or the house. Diabetes affects him that way…could be worse, so am grateful for him being able to control it without meds. He was determined to get off them and was successful. Hope it can continue.

Any way, he cleared the road over to the heifers across the road and also around the silage bags. The wind is brutal at times, so I hope he doesn’t get too chilled. Always busy. Dedicated.

I added wood to the stove in the milking parlor, washed the 2 milk tanks and cleaned my calves before I came in to post these to the Blog. Thankful I don’t have to be outside too much today.

Maybe I will take some time and dig out some make-up and nail polish for Ms Ed…


  1. He is too cute ! Makes me think of Mrs.Doubtfire…… Weather would be OK if it weren’t for that wind ! Stay warm and if you get cold just follow Sadie & get toasty !



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