My Farmer and Me–Valentine’s Day Baby…Love Bug…

As predicted, Sweet Pea, the older cow, blessed us with the first baby of Baby Watch 5,6&7. This precious baby boy was born around 11a.m. while we were talking to a salesman we met today.

Thank goodness she did fine and kind of just spit him out…The other 2 heifers got to watch the birth so maybe via bovine language they will know what to do when their time comes.

Sweet Pea was kind of prancing around out in the other barn when I put the cows in to milk, so knew she was starting labor. We put her in the pen with the other two then, and was only a few hours before she had him. (Yeah, my Farmer thought she could wait a couple of days to be put in on Sunday, so still got her in with plenty of time.) We most likely will not keep the baby. Have too many bulls at this time. Most apt to go to the auction next week, depending how he looks and acts.

So, the count is 1 born, and 2 to be soon; within a couple of days, perhaps.


  1. I know the difficult decisions farmers have to make like sending bull calves to market. I understand but I know for the two of you it can’t be easy. He is a handsome boy so maybe a teamster will buy him. So I’m sending wishes for more healthy heifer calves.



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