My Farmer and Me–and Sunshine…

Today is one of those days when this life style affords us the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. After the past week of off and on snow, cold wind and chilly temperatures it was refreshing to go out to feed some of my babies (who aren’t really babies any longer) and feel the warmth of the sun.

I have a sore throat with ulcers in the back by my tonsils and from experience, I know I will be sore for 3-4 days, gargling with salt and water and using Vicks VapoRub. Not something I look forward to, but feel fortunate for not catching all the bugs going around except for the 24 hour stomach ‘Yucks”.

Ed, on the other hand, has had a very congested sounding cough for a couple of weeks; of course he won’t use any medicine besides Vicks, but it has finally gotten a bit better and he can sleep without coughing and cussing…I think it may be a man thing!

But to get back to the sunshine, Sadie started out my morning by following me into the calf barn after milking and heading right for the other side of the barn and one special calf she likes to toggle with. I should say she rams and the poor calf snorts and aims back at her (the bigger this particular calf gets, the rougher Sadie ‘plays’)…anyway, I got to her before she had a chance to cause any harm and ran her out the door.

While I was grabbing  my pails for Barnaby, Mutt and Ms Sal-lee she decided to break a bale of good hay in front of Sal-lee’s pen. Then she proceeded to lie down in it and face the sun. I guess she could feel the warmth also.

After I fed Barnaby and Mutt, they also seemed to be enjoying the day with the bright sun shining on them. They turned and faced in it’s direction, too.

Hope this is just the beginning of a warmer spell, as the weathermen have been forecasting. I know I can use it…


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