My Farmer and Me–Chalkboard Artist…

16831031_40skylar4113893275205_2382560293421855713_nAha!!! The chalkboard artist wasn’t able to sneak into the milk house and leave her artwork today…I requested it. This one and her cousin Cooper love to leave little messages on the chalk board along with some nice artwork.

Skylar is Jeremy and Allison’s youngest and visited this morning for a short time with me while Grampy and her dad were talking. She was excited because a friend was coming over this afternoon to have a sleepover. I asked her if she was ‘Daddy’s girl’ today, and she said just until Emma came over, then she was going to play out in the snow.

Who is she kidding…I think Daddy and Mommy share that privilege equally, along with Jayda and Jaiboy!!!


One Comment

  1. You are so lucky to have your grandchildren and children so close to get a bit of love from all of them. 3 out of four, of our children, moved down south along with all of our grandchildren. We only see them every couple of years. The closeness with the grandkids is not there any more. We have only seen our great-grandbaby once last year. We miss them all terribly. Lucky you.



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