My Farmer and Me–The Boys are Getting Big…

16806940_40tor-and-mongo4114179941843_3312598150801994379_nTor and Mongo were out playing in the snow and enjoying the sunshine, too.

When we first moved them further out from where they were about a month ago, Mongo got frustrated because he wasn’t able to socialize with us as much. It wasn’t like before, where we would pass by and pet him and Tor, or as Ed did, share an ice cream cone.

But now they seem to be used to the 2 or 3 times a day that they get attention. The were outgrowing their former yard so they moved on up to a larger one. They will appreciate it more when the snow melts and they can run a bit easier outside of their barn. But they do have the opportunity to go in and out at will. And that is important for their well-being.

Enjoy, big guys!!!

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