Baby Watch 6…It’s a girl…

Jordyn blessed us with a shiny black heifer baby this early afternoon.. .Ed helped her at the last minute by pulling the baby out. (Yup, missed it…went to the grain store)

Being a first timer, Jordyn was getting anxious and nervous. She was progressing, but rather slowly, so Ed assisted her in getting this pretty girl out into the world.

I will be heading out to do my evening chores and will get a photo of them both. She is about 3 hours old now, so will see how all is going.

Hope you enjoy meeting our latest addition…


  1. Great news – baby girl. She is beautiful and
    she has Swiss ears. I know why your cows and
    Heifers are so human friendly. They get a lot of human time as soon as they’re born. Congratulations!!!



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