My Farmer and Me…Independent Ms Beanie…

16830759_40beanie4113943275200_2816352881384652466_nBeanie is a bit on the independent side, no touching or at the most, very minimal human contact. She does love to follow me around with a bleat here and a bleat there, tho.

She is, I believe, perhaps 9 years old (yeah the memory is shot) and up until 2 winters ago had Cardigan for a companion. Cardigan was already here when Beanie arrived, but was accepting and friendly to her right away…let’s just say that Cardigan loved the attention from us, and us trying to be friends with Beanie kind of rattled her.But it all worked out, as it usually does.

When Cardigan passed, Beanie acted very sad but within a few weeks, she began to be my shadow once again, as the 2 of them were before.

Sadie and Beanie do not have a mutual affection most of the time. Sadie tends to run her off when she isn’t in the mood for companionship. Beanie seems to take it in stride and sometimes you can find them laying together somewhere, chewing their cuds.

Around here, most animals have the freedom to be themselves. However, if we end up with a ‘snotty’ cow or other animal, their stay is limited…don’t need any mishaps. Just try to learn what it is that makes certain ones unique and go from there…Kind of a Dr. Doolittle challenge!!!

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